Hercog joins #Kilithon

Hercog joins #Kilithon

We’re happy to introduce the very first #Kilithon enthusiast and participant – Piotr Hercog, the foreign winner of Mount Everest Marathon 2017 (1st Foreigner Category), the winner of Baikal Ice Marathon 2016 and Ultra Fiord Patagonia 2016.

This is a very interesting event. Although currently there are many runs, this will be the special one. Not only because it is organized by a Pole, but also because it is held in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. What matters for me is the high mountain aspect, because such challenges are what I’ve been interested in recently. This is why I also intend to participate in the run. I’m going to prepare properly to this run. Apart from the classic running training, of course it is necessary to carry out high mountain training. Unfortunately, I’ll go to Africa only 10 days before the start. Usually acclimatisation should last at least three weeks, however, I’m not able to spend so much time there, because I have other commitments. Nevertheless, in order for my body to get used to the climate, in November I’m going to spend a little bit of time in the Alps, at 3 – 4 thousand metres, as well as prepare by means of sleeping in an altitude tent, as well as using a special Hypoint chamber in Cracow.

The exhaustive trekking at the altitude of 5.800 metres and the night in the CraterCamp at temperature which might drop to minus 25 degrees, and then 42 kilometres long run at the altitude of 5.895 metres, where there is much less air than in the lowlands, will prove to be a challenge for participants. – I have taken up many challenges in my career. One of the toughest ones was Elbrus, but also this year’s run in Patagonia or the run under Mt. Everest. What gave me the hard time on Baikal was the low temperature. There is always some element which forces me to face my own weaknesses. One must approach runs such as Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon very seriously. Such altitude is not to be trifled with. Steady walking at such altitude is something different than running. At the last stage of preparations one must skillfully combine general physical performance with good acclimatisation. However… challenges are meant to be faced  with – says Piotr Hercog.


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