kilithon kilimanjaro extreme marathon halfmarathon nordic walking

Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon starts in

on the Mount Kilimanjaro

December 9th 2017

the World’s Highest Freestanding Mountain


42,3 km / ~ 4000 m

Uhuru Peak – Marangu Gate

kilithon kilimanjaro extreme marathon


21,1 km / ~ 2200 m

Uhuru Peak – Horombo Huts

kilithon kilimanjaro halfmarathon


21,1 km / ~ 2200 m

Uhuru Peak – Horombo Huts

kilithon kilimanjaro nordic walking


Upcoming MTB Challenge

More information soon…

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The World’s Highest Marathon

5895 m.a.s.l. is the highest marathon start in the world. Are you ready for a challenge?

kilithon kilimanjaro extreme marathon halfmarathon nordic walking

September 2018

kilithon kilimanjaro extreme marathon route
Earlybird Registration

2018 year’s edition brings more options for the runners and their teammates. We proudly announce two additional distances during our event: #HalfKilithon & #NordicKilithon, both including the 5-day trekking to the top of the world’s highest freestanding mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro.

#KILITHON is not only ‘running’!

We deliver a special offer for you and your family. You can join us together!

Your team partners can join us during 5-day trekking, climb Mount Kilimanjaro too and bring you a supreme support at the start on the top of Uhuru Peak. They can also spend few days on Zanzibar and join you at the Celebration Day after the run. After the trail, it’s time for the great adventure: 2-days NgoroNgoro Conservation Area & Sarengheti National Park safari.

kilithon kilimanjaro tanzania safari serengeti ngorongoro
kilithon kilimanjaro extreme marathon halfmarathon nordic walking

flexible plan

You can plan not only your time but also your team. Your friends or family can join us on the Kilimanjaro summit or  arrive on the ceremony day only. After the celebration we all come together to Safari and/or Zanzibar for more magic moments in Tanzania.

only one week

Kilithon is the most efficient advanture. You can summit Mount Kilimanjaro & run one of our races in one week only! Of course, you can also expand your time here in Tanzania and take your chance to see the the Worlds most magnificent nature.

ultimate adventure

There’s no other “all-in-one” adventures like this! Join the challenge you choose, take a trip to the West and sleep in secured camp in the middle of Serengeti, take a ride to the East and rest on the India Ocean shore.

#KILITHON – The Movie

Director: Maciek Jabłoński
Release: April 2018

“Kilithon – The Movie” is the documentary release about the first, pilot edition of Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon on December 2017. The whole material was produced by Maciek Jabloński from F11 Pracownia, who took a part of the 5-days trekking to the summit, covered almost the whole the marathon route during the event in 9th December and finally let the camera accompanied the #kilithon crew during 2 days of safari in NgoroNgroro and Serengeti.
Additional footage videos from private cameras of the rest of the crew are also included in this release. As an Organizer, we helped Maciek to manage more shots from the event with drone, which was used at the top of Uhuru Peak (5985 m.a.s.l.).

kilimanjaro extreme marathon kilithon ultimate adventure

Join Us at the Starting Line at the Top of Africa

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KIA, Moshi

4/12 – 8/12


Umbwe Route



Marangu Route




Optional Return Flight (KIA)



Ngorongoro & Serengeti




Moshi, KIA

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